How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaner in Newport, OR

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Many people will decide to go the professional route and hire a carpet cleaning company instead of attempting the task themselves. Professional carpet cleaners have the experience, the right tools and the knowledge to bring your carpeting back to like-new condition. A proper cleaning will also remove pollen, pet dander and other unhealthy particles from carpet fibers so you know you’re not breathing in nasty pollutants. But with so many companies to choose from, how do you know which one to hire?

Carpets get dirty, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live with it. Here’s how to find the best professional carpet cleaner in Newport, OR:

  • Get personal recommendations: There are at least a handful of people in your life who have hired a professional to clean the carpet in their home or business building. Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers are excellent sources of information. Reach out to ask about who’d they recommend, what they liked best about them, how much they charged and whether they’d hire them again. Another way to get recommendations is through your social media networks.
  • Do some research: Once you have some carpet cleaning company names, it’s time to look up a couple more on your own. You don’t have to research a whole bunch, but at least three or four is ideal. In a search engine, use keywords to identify companies that are the closest matches to your location, cleaning needs and budget.
  • Check out customer reviews: Former and current clients of carpet cleaning companies should be able to give you a good idea of the cleaner’s work ethic, cleaning abilities, communication skills and prices. Be prepared, though, as not all online comments or reviews will be good (or even valuable). The more negative feedback you come across of a particular carpet cleaner, the greater the likelihood they should be crossed off your list.
  • View company websites: The best place you can go for in-depth information about a specific cleaning company is their website. Your first impression of a website needs to be that they look professional—they should have a clean home page and several informational pages (About Us, Pricing, Feedback, etc.) that are easy to read. You might also happen across a Customer Reviews page, which you should definitely read.
  • Find out about a company’s experience: Another important thing you want in a carpet cleaning company is experience and having been in business for a number of years. If you can, try hiring a local company that has been in the game a long while and that has a good reputation within the community. Also, find out the types of carpet cleaning services they offer, such as residential carpet cleaning, shag carpet cleaning, commercial grade carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Ask to see a portfolio: A reputable carpet cleaning company can produce a portfolio of before and after photos of work they have done. Flip through it, ask questions and take notes.

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  • Millie Hue says:

    It really helped when you said that we should check the reviews of their previous customers. As you mentioned, it will tell us regarding the services that they can offer based on their experiences. I will follow your tip to hire the best company in town. We needed their services because we can’t remove the stains on our carpet when my son spilled the soy sauce.

  • Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for pointing out that we should at least check three to four companies online that match our budget and offers the services we need. I will follow your advice now that we need their services as soon as possible due to the spilled sauce on our carpet. We are on a limited budget as well due to the loans we are currently paying, so I hope to find one that is affordable.

  • Bo Abatti says:

    Hi there, great post! I was hoping you could help me with something. I was wondering, Is it worth cleaning old dirty carpets or should I put the cost of cleaning towards a new floor covering? I got a new dog and they’ve made a mess of my carpets. I really appreciate any advice you can give.

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