Cleaning Services in Newport, OR

Paradise Carpet Cleaners, Inc. is the premier provider of deep carpet cleaning in Newport, OR. We offer several different service packages that meet the needs of our commercial and residential clients.

Standard Package

Our standard carpet cleaning package is a full-service cleaning experience. We begin the process by moving your furniture, so we can successfully access the entirety of your floor. We then professionally vacuum your carpeting. Once the vacuuming is complete, we apply a pre-treatment to your carpeting. We then begin the hot water extraction process, which removes all dirt from your carpeting.

Once the initial cleaning is complete, we perform spotting, followed by final finishing. We then use a speed dryer to finish the job, so you can access your carpeting again as quickly as possible!

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package includes all of the services provided in the Standard Package, plus two valuable additions. If you opt to use the deluxe services package, we also coat your carpeting with 3M Scotchguard Protection to safeguard it against spills, dirt and pet soils. The Deluxe Package also includes a limited service warranty.

Premium Package

Paradise Carpet Cleaners, Inc.’s premium package is the most robust service package we offer, and the one that we most recommend for commercial carpet cleaning in Newport, OR.

The Premium Package consists of all of the services included in the Standard and Deluxe Packages, in addition to the use of a sanitizing deodorizer and pet odor removal service. We are proud to use some of the most trusted brand-names in the cleaning industry for all of our services. We use products from 3M, Hydromaster, Matrix and One Earth.

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Paradise Carpet Cleaners, Inc.’s cleaning packages offer the best possible value you can receive toward living in a cleaner, more comfortable home. To receive a price estimate on the cost of cleaning the carpeting in your home or commercial space, call us today at 541-764-2330.

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