How to Remove Common Pet Stains from Carpet

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If you have indoor pets, then this article is for you! Here’s some information from a professional carpet cleaner in Newport, OR for how to remove the most common types of pet stains from carpet: urine and vomit.

Pets of all ages can have accidents indoors. When it comes to urine, clean it up while it’s still wet—odor will set into carpet fibers once urine dries. For vomit, the big thing is that it needs to get off your carpet as soon as possible. Otherwise, the acid in the vomit will leave a stain.

Basic tips for removing pet stains from your carpet

Got pet stains on your carpet? Then check out the following tips! These tips can be used to treat pet stains on most types of carpet materials and styles. However, it can be beneficial to find out from the manufacturer what cleaning products are safe to apply to your particular carpet fibers. In addition, you must take care in removing odors left behind to prevent pets from smelling it and circling back to the same spot to soil it again:

  • Get up most of the mess first: Before doing any cleaning, you need to remove as much of the pet mess as possible. For instance, you can use paper towels to soak up fresh urine. You will need to apply pressure to get as much of the urine as you can until it’s almost dry, especially since it likely soaked down to the bottom of the carpet and padding. Solid messes—like vomit and feces—are best picked up wearing gloves and using something to scrape up the bulk of it fast. Wipe up what remains with a damp paper towel, working from the outside of the stain inward to keep it from spreading.
  • Don’t rub stains or use heat: The quickest way to spread a stain is to scrub it like crazy. Instead, blot away starting from the outside and moving inward, using paper towels or absorbent rags. You may go through several paper towels depending on the type, size or amount of mess. Furthermore, avoid using hot water or steam cleaners on urine stains, as heat can permanently set the stain and odor into carpet fibers. Use lukewarm or cool water only.
  • Use cleaning products sparingly: You can accomplish removing even the grossest of stains simply by using as little cleaning product as possible. To avoid being left with too much residue on your carpet, use the least amount of cleaner for each pass over the stain. Repeat this step as many times as it takes.
  • Rinse well: Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, don’t forget to finish with a good rinse! Rinsing removes any cleaning product that may remain. Spray the area with cool water, then blot dry until there’s no moisture left to cause water marks on the area around the stain.

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