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5 Tips for Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

January 2, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

Carpet cleaning in the winter can be tricky, and it can also be when your carpets are at a much higher risk of developing stains. Many households host the holidays at their homes, meaning more guests enter and exit. No one wants to host parties with dirty carpets. Continue reading to learn how you can get cleaner carpets during the winter season. Tips for Winter Carpet Cleaning Here are 5 tips for carpet cleaning in the winter. Leave Shoes Outside One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t drag wet feet into the house is to have everyone take their... View Article

What Can I Do to Prepare My Carpet for Summertime?

May 10, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

When the hot summertime weather sets in, people will likely consider packing their carpet away for the season and retrieving it the following season. Due to the prolonged cold weather during winter and the rainy spring, the carpet may start to smell in summer, given the accumulated dampness, dust and stains. Having the rug around in the summer is an excellent idea as it helps to cool the house, a key reason why you shouldn’t take it away. I would get my carpet ready for summertime by following these tips, which can also go a long way to extend the life of... View Article

Should You Ditch Your Carpet Before Having A Baby?

April 23, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you noticed allergies in your baby over the past few weeks? As a loving and caring parent, you may be wondering about the source of this problem keeping your bundle of joy restless. The culprit may be your dirty carpet. While carpets provide soft areas for walking and playing, they’re susceptible to various allergens, including dust mites, dirt, dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen. These can cause adverse health effects. Let’s look at some baby health risks caused by dirty carpets. 1. Respiratory Problems As we mentioned earlier, your carpet is prone to pet hair, pollen, dirt, dust, and... View Article

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