What Can I Do to Prepare My Carpet for Summertime?

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When the hot summertime weather sets in, people will likely consider packing their carpet away for the season and retrieving it the following season. Due to the prolonged cold weather during winter and the rainy spring, the carpet may start to smell in summer, given the accumulated dampness, dust and stains. Having the rug around in the summer is an excellent idea as it helps to cool the house, a key reason why you shouldn’t take it away. I would get my carpet ready for summertime by following these tips, which can also go a long way to extend the life of my carpet. That way, I can enjoy its beauty and comfort for many seasons to come.

Reorganize the House

Reorganizing the furniture and equipment around the house will extend the life of the carpet since this will release pressure from some points to others. It will eventually even out wear and tear as it will prevent the rug from flattening at only specific areas throughout its life. Rearranging will also be helpful when doing deep cleaning of your house while finding the best and fresh outlook for your home.

Deep Clean the Carpet

Vacuuming the rug may not adequately clean out all the tiny dirt particles and dampness that will have accumulated and are firmly attached to carpet fibers. Summertime also exposes the carpet to more dirt due to the fine pollen and loose dust in the air. 

Carpet cleaning for summer is then the best way of extending the life of my carpet. Having the carpet cleaned by a professional will also benefit the family’s health since it will eliminate air pollutants within the house. Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. has experienced and well-trained professional cleaners who will offer your carpet the best deep cleaning service.

Prepare for Carpet Buckling

Carpet buckling means that the carpet, especially those covering the entire floor, detaches and becomes wavy throughout the floor. The humid weather before the summer will cause carpet buckling, with the hot summertime weather worsening it. Avoid a wavy carpet during the summer. Secure the carpet by dehumidifying or switching the AC on along the edges.

Replace the Carpet

The carpet could already be worn out by summertime. Neither deep cleaning nor reorganizing will salvage it. Then this means that it is best to replace it with a new carpet. A new rug in the summertime helps match the house’s aesthetic appeal with the lively feeling that summer brings along. Replacing the carpet during summer is an excellent idea. The installation crew will work peacefully while you and your family enjoy the hot summer weather.

Carpet cleaning for summer, de-buckling and reorganizing the furniture are the best ways to get the carpet ready for the lively summertime and extend the life of my carpet. Replacing the old carpet with the new one allows you to revamp your house to your unique tastes and preferences. If you are around Lincoln City, OR, contact Paradise Carpet Cleaners for a clean and fresh-smelling carpet to last through the summertime.

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