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How to Remove Powder Makeup from Your Carpet

November 11, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Your carpet is likely no stranger to food and beverage spills. Accidents happen, which is why you should be ready to clean up anything that comes in contact with your carpet. Some of the most common items that can stain carpets include coffee, fruit juice, tomato sauce, pet messes, red wine and powder makeup. Let’s consider that last example today. Accidentally dropping powder makeup onto carpet happens more often than you might think, and if not cleaned up quickly, you might have to call on the help of a professional skilled in carpet stain removal in Lincoln City, OR. Below... View Article

Removing Pet Odors from Your Carpet

October 28, 2019 Published by 1 Comment

Pets bring us a great deal of joy—and some other presents that aren’t quite so fun to receive. Unfortunately, when you have carpeting and a pet, you can expect that your pets will urinate upon it at least once. This is especially true if you have a puppy. They’re practically designed to be cute so that we don’t kick them out for destroying our carpets! Although dog urine can ruin your carpeting, you can arm yourself with some pet odor removal tips for the next time Rover forgets to use the puppy pad. If the stains are too far gone,... View Article

Quick Tips for Carpet Stain Removal in Newport, OR

October 14, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you properly care for your carpet, you can add years to its life. That includes removing pesky, stubborn stains as best you can. Since your carpet gets a lot of traffic, especially if you have children or pets, it can be easily damaged. Try to address stains as soon as you see them, before they have a chance to set in deeply and ruin your carpet. If you’re having trouble with stain removal in Newport, OR and need to call in the experts, reach out to Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. Hiring a company like ours ensures your carpets smell... View Article

How to Handle Coffee Stains in Your Carpet

August 26, 2019 Published by 2 Comments

No matter how careful you are with food and beverages around your carpet, it only takes one spill to cause permanent damage. When your carpet is stained, you might try several different DIY remedies and commercial cleaning products, only to still be left with some residual staining of your carpet fibers. One of the most difficult stains to remove is coffee. To keep your carpet in the best condition possible and minimize lasting effects from a coffee stain, there are several tips and tricks that you should put into practice to remove coffee stains from various surfaces. Coffee stain removal... View Article

Most Common Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

March 23, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the worst feelings when you own a home is looking down at your carpet and seeing a stain. This is especially true if you thought you cleaned it before the stain had a chance to set. Keeping your home’s carpet clean can be done with simple and regular vacuuming and professional assistance once or twice a year from a carpet cleaning company in Newport, OR like Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. In addition to the vacuuming, you’ll want to clean any spills to stop these stains from setting in: Pet stains: Pets can be one of the worst offenders... View Article

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