How to Remove Powder Makeup from Your Carpet

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Your carpet is likely no stranger to food and beverage spills. Accidents happen, which is why you should be ready to clean up anything that comes in contact with your carpet. Some of the most common items that can stain carpets include coffee, fruit juice, tomato sauce, pet messes, red wine and powder makeup.

Let’s consider that last example today. Accidentally dropping powder makeup onto carpet happens more often than you might think, and if not cleaned up quickly, you might have to call on the help of a professional skilled in carpet stain removal in Lincoln City, OR. Below is some information to help you remove powder makeup from your carpet.

Tips and tricks

As with other items that can stain carpets, the longer makeup stays on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove. Whether you have accidentally knocked eyeshadow, face powder or blush onto the carpet, you need to act fast to get it cleaned up. Promptly removing the product can prevent it from settling down deep and keep the carpet fibers from becoming permanently stained. Another pro tip to keep in mind is to be gentle—aggressively scrubbing powder makeup from carpet can cause the product to go deeper into the fibers, which further complicates the stain removal process.

Steps to remove powder makeup

Experienced carpet cleaners are familiar with the proper ways to approach carpet stain removal in Lincoln City, OR. Here are the DIY steps the pros recommend to homeowners:

  • Test a spot first: When done properly, removing powder makeup from carpet can be relatively easy. Vacuuming can actually get rid of the majority of powder, but stained fibers will need a wet treatment as well. No matter how you decide to clean your carpet, test a small portion of the carpet to make sure it doesn’t discolor or otherwise succumb to damage. Do this before you dive into the cleaning process.
  • Vacuum: If you have a nozzle attachment on your vacuum, use it to gently suck up the makeup powder, then run the vacuum over the spot. Vacuuming will likely remove most or all of the powder. Control the vacuuming on the spot covered in powder to avoid spreading the product to other areas on the carpet.
  • Use soap and water: Next, use a soap and water solution to remove any remaining powder your vacuum missed. It’s important to use plain old soap and water, not commercial carpet stain removers or bleach. Mix a mild liquid soap and water in a bowl, soak and wring out a cloth or sponge, then wipe the stained area using gentle motions. Do not oversaturate the carpet.
  • Apply makeup remover: You can use a basic liquid makeup remover to clean away powder makeup on carpet. Apply a few drops to a cloth (or use a pre-moistened toilette, wrung out), then use it to dab the affected area.

If your attempt to clean powder makeup from your carpet didn’t work, contact the team at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. for professional carpet stain removal in Lincoln City, OR. Reach out to us anytime to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment!

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