Removing Stains Caused by Dog and Cat Urine

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You love your furry friend, but it’s hard to not feel immediate frustration when you notice a yellow urine stain on your clean carpet. Urine stains left by pets are often some of the hardest stains to remove from carpets. These urine stains could also make your room stink after a while. Thankfully, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of tried-and-true methods of removing dog and cat urine stains.

Stain removers and professional carpet cleaning services can both help remove these unsightly stains. Read on for other great ways of removing urine-caused carpet stains and smells from any room in your Newport, OR home.

Avoid steam cleaners

Steam cleaners may seem like an excellent option for removing set-in urine stains, but they often do more bad than good. Since steam cleaners utilize high heat, they often cause urine stains to become even more set into a carpet. This high heat can also make urine smells stronger. While steam cleaners are great for removing certain types of stains, they are a bad option when it comes to urine.

Removing fresh stains

It’s much easier to remove fresh stains, so keep an eye out for any possible accidents left by your pets. If you notice a new urine stain, sop it up with a handful of paper towels. This might require a few stacks of paper towels, depending on how much urine there is. Stand on the paper towel stack for a few moments to best soak up all the urine. Repeat this process if necessary.

If stains are already set in, you’ll want to take more extreme measures. Some recommend using a solution containing vinegar and baking soda, while others claim this is a bad idea. A vinegar solution may help remove the stain, but it could cause strange smells, which may encourage your pet to urinate in that same spot again.

Pet stain removal products

In the pet aisle of your local grocery store, you’ve probably noticed a variety of pet stain removal products. Some people swear by these products, while others say homemade solutions are better. If you’re considering a pet stain remover, be sure to do plenty of research into the product. It’s important to only buy a stain remover that won’t damage your carpet by causing discolorations.

Wet vacuums

Wet vacuums are often recommended for the removal of pet stains. Specifically designed to deal with set-in stains, wet vacuums are easy to use. Purchasing a wet vacuum is usually a great investment for those whose pets have frequent accidents. A good wet vacuum can cost over $200, though.

Hire a cleaning service

A lot of people find it much easier to have a professional carpet cleaning service remove their pet stains. A professional cleaning service has all the cleaning products and equipment needed to tackle almost any stain. They also know how to properly remove stains without damaging your carpet.

If you’re a Newport, OR resident who needs carpet stains and smells removed, contact Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. for an estimate today!

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