How to Remove Ink from Carpet

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While it’s easy to wash ink off your hands, it’s much more difficult to remove ink from fabrics, especially carpets. No matter how you’ve managed to get ink onto your carpet in the first place, there are several effective ways to remove ink from carpet. Here are some tried and true techniques that will help even the most stubborn ink stains disappear, no matter how embedded they are in your carpet fibers.

The hairspray method

One of the most surprising techniques for cleaning ink from carpet, in particular from natural fiber carpets, is to use lacquer hair spray. Purchase one or two cans depending on the extent of the stain and aim them directly at the ink stains. The chemicals within the hairspray will soften the ink, and you can then use a clean white towel or cloth to blot the lacquer away.

It’s important to blot instead of scrub so you don’t wipe the ink further into the carpet fibers. Blot and spray until the ink stain disappears, and allow the area to dry and wrap up the process by hand-brushing the area, then vacuuming. This method works best for ballpoint pen ink stains.

The rubbing alcohol method

If you’re dealing with permanent ink stains from Sharpies or gel pens, it’s best to use rubbing alcohol for cleaning ink from carpet. Dab the stain with rubbing alcohol. Again, it’s best to blot instead of rub so the stain doesn’t spread. As you continue to blot the stain, you’ll notice the ink start to transfer to the towel. After you’ve removed all the ink from the carpet fibers, dab the area with a towel that’s been moistened with lukewarm water. If rubbing alcohol doesn’t seem to work for the stain, repeat the steps above with the hairspray method.

The dishwashing detergent method

Rollerball pens and washable markers can stain your carpet, but these types of stains are much easier to remove since the inks are water based. Start by mixing one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a bowl of lukewarm water. Common dishwashing soaps usually work just fine for this method. Dab a clean towel into the mixture and blot the ink stain with the towel, being careful not to rub. As you keep blotting, you’ll notice the stain start to disappear and transfer to the towel.

The shaving cream method

Shaving cream is a surprising stain remover for carpets. This simple method involves spreading shaving cream directly on an ink stain. Rinse with water and don’t panic when foam forms over the stain. Add water and rinse, then use a shop vac to remove any remaining moisture. In most cases, the stain will be gone. If you’re still noticing a stain, repeat the process until your carpet is stain free.

There are many ways to remove ink from carpet, but it’s usually best to get a professional opinion if you want to preserve the appearance and condition of your rugs as best as possible. Expert carpet cleaners have access to quality stain-fighting products and methods that can remove even the toughest ink stains. Contact Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. today to efficiently and effectively remove ink stains, and other stubborn stains, from the carpets and rugs in your home.

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