Sleep Cleanly: Tips for Mattress Cleaning

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We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. During all that time, our mattresses soak up all of our excreted sweat and dead skin cells, as well as chemicals from our clothes and the bacteria and dust floating around our homes. Although most of us take time to clean our sheets, blankets and pillowcases regularly, the mattress is often neglected. This means your mattress could potentially have years of built-up dust and odors making your sleep less enjoyable.

Mattresses are also pretty expensive, so it’s not ideal to purchase a new one every time it starts to get dirty. Luckily, they are easily cleaned at home! By cleaning your mattress yourself or hiring a mattress cleaner in Newport, OR, you can extend the life of your mattress and keep it clean and healthy to sleep on each night.

How to clean your mattress

Ideally, your mattress should be cleaned twice a year, as well as rotated from top to bottom or flipped, if possible, to ensure even wear. When it’s time to clean your mattress, your first step will be to remove all the sheets, mattress protectors and other linens and wash them. After all, what’s the point of cleaning your mattress if you’ll put dirty linens right back on top?

Once you’re left with your bare mattress, start by using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and vacuuming the entire surface. Next, go in with the crevice attachment to get into the deeper spots. Vacuuming will remove a large amount of the dead skin cells and dust lingering on top or just below the surface of your mattress.

Next, search the mattress for signs of stains. If you tend to eat in bed or have pets or children, stains are likely to be more common. Spot treat each stain, either using a mixture of mild dish detergent and water or a dedicated upholstery cleaner.

After stains have been treated, sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of your mattress. Don’t be afraid to use too much here—baking soda helps deodorize and sanitize the mattress by binding to leftover bacteria and oils. Allow the baking soda to sit for 24 hours if possible. If not, try to let it work its magic for as long as you’re able.

Finally, grab your vacuum again and vacuum the surface to remove the baking soda and any remaining dust or dirt. We also recommend you add a mattress pad on top of the mattress and below your flat sheet as an extra layer of protection against a dirty mattress. Remake your bed with your sheets and be prepared for a better night’s sleep!

Call in the experts

Sometimes, cleaning your mattress just isn’t a priority, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get done. Hiring a professional mattress cleaner in Newport, OR can take this task off your hands and get your mattress looking, smelling and feeling even cleaner!

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