Carpet Cleaning Myths

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You’ve likely been having your carpets cleaned the same way for years, maybe even decades. Some of your concepts about the process might be spot-on, but others might be a bit far-fetched. There are a number of myths circulating about carpet cleaning in Newport, OR and learning what they are will only ensure that you don’t end up with a damaged carpet on your hands. Let’s have a look at a few of the most common myths.

Myth #1: A New Carpet Doesn’t Need to Be Cleaned for Several Years

Many carpets are able to visibly hide dirt and dust quite well, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. It also doesn’t take long for all of that to accumulate to the point where it can become a health hazard. Even if your carpet isn’t stained, things like hair, dead skin cells, dirt, sand and dust are living inside its threads. Those with allergies especially should have their carpets cleaned often. There’s no rule that says you shouldn’t clean a carpet during its first few years, as that just leaves more time for allergens to prosper.

Myth #2: Cleaning a Carpet Will Cause It to Shrink

This myth is half true, as people who have tried to clean their carpets themselves have left them wet, which can cause them to shrink. A professional carpet cleaner will have all the proper knowledge and the right tools to prevent this from happening. Ultimately, the carpet has to be left extremely wet for major shrinkage to occur, and any trained cleaner would know better.

Myth #3: Home Carpet Cleaners Work Just as Well

Having a carpet cleaner at home is great for using in between appointments with a professional cleaner, but it doesn’t get the job done nearly as well. The suction strength on professional carpet cleaning vacuums is a lot stronger than any vacuum you can buy in a store, as those mostly rub shampoo all over the rug and make it smell nice. Only a professional can get out every particle of dirt and sand that found its way into your carpet at some point. Your carpet will not only smell nice, but it will be very clean, too.

Myth #4: Carpet Cleaners Are Only Needed When the Rug Is Stained

While a stained rug is certainly something that can be improved by a professional carpet cleaner, that’s not the only time you should give them a call. As mentioned above, your carpets trap a number of allergens that can start to affect the respiratory health of you and your family members. Having your rugs regularly cleaned by a professional is especially important if you have young children and small pets in your home, as they’re more susceptible to these health concerns.

Myth #5: All Carpet Cleaning Companies Are the Same

While it might be tempting to simply go with the cheapest carpet cleaning service in your area, you don’t want to end up having your rugs ruined. It’s best to do your research and check customer reviews to ensure you’re hiring a company that has the most experience in the industry.

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