What Carpet Owners Should Know About Reappearing Stains

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Spills are an inevitable part of life. As a diligent homeowner, you blot and try to clean up spills as soon as they happen, but what happens when those stains keep coming back time and time again? Do you know what causes these mysterious reappearing stains? Or, more importantly, do you know what to do to treat them once and for all? If the answer to both of these questions is “no,” you’ll likely find the following information incredibly helpful. Continue reading to learn all about reappearing stains, and how we can help with deep carpet cleaning in Newport, OR.

The causes of reappearing stains

Before we get too deep into reappearing stains, it’d be helpful to know how those stains keep popping up. There are two possible causes of reappearing stains: soiling and wicking:

  • Soiling: Soiling happens when residue from your original carpet cleaner isn’t fully rinsed and blotted. That residue becomes sticky if it’s left on the carpet, which is bound to attract dirt and soil. Now, obviously, that’s not the original stain, but since it appears in the same spot, it looks as if the stain has made a return.
  • Wicking: The second way a stain can reappear is through a process called wicking. This occurs when a spilled liquid soaks through to the back of the carpet or even through to the underpad. The stain travels up through the fibers of your carpet and eventually makes its way to the surface, like a flame traveling up the wick of a candle. Wicking will usually occur if the carpet is steam cleaned and isn’t properly dried afterwards. Professionals will always ensure your carpet is fully dried before they leave, which is just one reason why hiring pros for deep carpet cleaning in Newport, OR is better than doing it yourself!

How to prevent reappearing stains

Apart from not spilling things to begin with, the best way to keep those stains from coming back is to treat them as soon as possible. The longer you let a staining liquid sit on your carpet, the greater the chance that it’ll soak in and eventually wick back up. After the stain is treated, ensure it’s fully dry by holding a stack of paper towels on top of it. Doing this can help to prevent any future soiling from occurring.

How to deal with those stains

Are those stains still coming back, even though you’ve taken the steps above? It might be time to call a professional! Our team can remove even the toughest stains, and we guarantee that they won’t rear their ugly heads again in the future. If the problem gets too bad, you might have to replace your carpeting, but if you call us sooner rather than later, we won’t let it come to that.

Don’t live with dirty carpeting that’s full of reappearing stains—call Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. to treat your flooring the first time. Our deep carpet cleaning in Newport, OR ensures spotless results from the get-go, so you won’t have to keep scheduling service month after month to remove those reappearing stains.

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