How Carpet Cleaning Can Help with Dust Mites

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For folks who suffer from allergies, spring tends to be the worst season. But unfortunately, your house can trap allergens that can keep allergy season going all year long. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, then you may be frustrated when it’s a low pollen count day and you still use up a couple boxes of tissues. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and ease these issues.

One major culprit of indoor allergies is dust mites. These allergy-triggering particles are too tiny to be easily spotted by the human eye, but these little critters can wreak havoc on your sinus system. Here are a few tips for dealing with dust mites and other carpet-related allergens, from your carpet cleaning service in Newport, OR:

  • Keep it dry: Dust mites, like many unwanted pests, are attracted to humid environments. This might be discouraging to hear, as a humidifier can help curb the effects of allergies and sinus problems. But if you want to ease the root cause of the issue, then you will want to keep your home dry. In addition to ditching the humidifier, make sure you don’t track a lot of water onto your carpet, and make sure there aren’t any leaks in your roof.
  • Heat and steam: There is one exception to the above rule: regular carpet cleanings and steaming can keep your carpet clear of dust mites, other allergens and dirt. You can rent a carpet steamer at your local hardware store, but if you want to get the most thorough and effective carpet cleaning possible, you may want to consider hiring a professional service.
  • Vacuum: Vacuuming doesn’t kill dust mites, but it does obviously keep your carpet generally clean, and can help get rid of other allergens that have been tracked into your home. If you don’t already do this, strongly consider vacuuming your carpet at least once a week. Carpet is more enjoyable when it’s clean, anyway!
  • Dust hard surfaces: Dust mites are attracted to dusty, messy carpets. If your home is generally clean, then it follows that your carpet will also be cleaner. To prevent dust from building up, it is important that you regularly dust all wooden tables, countertops and other hard surfaces in your home.
  • Avoid window fans: In addition to investing in quality carpet cleaning in Newport, OR, you should also avoid using window fans if you want to keep indoor allergies at bay. Window fans can bring dust and dirt from outside into your home, and all that dirt and dust will settle in your space, inviting dust mites in along with it.

Keeping your home clean and dust mite-free takes some effort, and if you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to stay on top of regular carpet cleanings yourself. Fortunately, Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. is here to help! We have been offering quick, affordable and effective carpet cleaning in Newport, OR for over 20 years, and we would be happy to help keep your home clean and allergen-free. Reach out to us today!

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