How Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Newport, OR Can Save You Money

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The cleaner and better maintained your air ducts are, the healthier the air inside of your home or business will be. Having your air ducts clean can alleviate allergy symptoms and improve the overall air quality inside your home or building. But did you know that hiring an air duct cleaning service can also help you save some money?

Here’s how professional air duct cleaning in Newport, OR can benefit your wallet as well as your air:

  • Ensures effective airflow: Any type of blockage in your air ducts can cause your HVAC system to not run as effectively as it should. Blockages in your ductwork maybe the reason why your system is overworking to heat or cool your house throughout the year. A telltale sign your HVAC is having to work harder is that you’re seeing higher than normal energy bills. Want to ensure the effectiveness of your HVAC system? Make sure there are no blockages in your air ducts.
  • Find issues in the ducts: When a duct cleaning professional cleans your air ducts, they are looking for any and all possible issues with them. Many experts use video inspections to ensure they do not miss anything. The camera is moved side to side and all around to get a clear view of the entire area of the duct. A duct inspection is a great preventative measure against blockages in your air ducts and debris buildup that may have an effect on your indoor air quality.
  • Improve indoor air: As we just mentioned, professionally cleaned ductwork offers one strong defense against poor quality indoor air. Regular professional duct cleaning reduces the need for a household air purification system year-round. When there are fewer pet dander, dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores and other nasty airborne particles floating around, you can rest easy knowing you’re breathing in clean, comfortable air. Remember, this is the same air that’s moving throughout your home!
  • Avoid early duct replacement: It’s not unheard of for moisture and water droplets to make their way into ductwork. Moisture can get in through interior and exterior air vents, especially in areas that experience high humidity during any time of the year. If moisture gets inside your home’s air ducts, you could be looking at costly system repairs and part replacements.
  • Benefits your health: Mold and mildew growth become a concern when moisture is not cleaned away or the vent doesn’t have a chance to dry out properly. Unfortunately, mold spores will blow out with the air as it comes through the ducts and into your living spaces, which will happen even with a clean air filter. Talk about unhealthy air! If someone inhales mold spores, they could have an allergic reaction or experience some other serious respiratory issue that may require medical attention. Air filters are in place to catch unhealthy particles in the air before they get into the ductwork, and have little power over mold that has formed directly inside the ducts.

For the freshest indoor air possible, contact Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. for professional air duct and furnace cleaning in Newport, OR.

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