How to Choose a Professional Area Rug Cleaner in Newport, OR

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If you own a nice area rug, then you know you can’t just throw it into your home washing machine and hope for the best. The washing machine will ruin the rug’s fibers and deform the shape of your beautiful rug. But you do want to clean it from time to time to keep it clean and hygienic and looking as lovely as ever in your home. It’s for these reasons and more that you should shop around for a rug cleaning expert. Know that the time and research that goes into finding an experienced professional area rug cleaning service is worth it.

Is it time to clean those rugs? Below are some tips for choosing the right professional area rug cleaner in Newport, OR.

Consider the cleaning process

There are several options for whole house carpet cleaning. The pros will either suggest the wet cleaning method or the steam cleaning method. With wet cleaning, the carpet or rug will require significant drying time, while certain dry treatments are ready to walk on shortly after cleaning is complete. Also, find out if they use powerful cleaning chemicals or environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Some cleaning companies also take pre-cleaning measures to ensure your rug gets cleaned thoroughly. They use vacuums and state-of-the-art rug beaters to pull out as much dirt, dust and grit as possible.

Do research and request references

Avoid settling on the first and only rug cleaning company you come across. Take the time to research potential companies—read through their website, check out online reviews from reliable sites and do a search on the BBB’s website. When it comes to finding the best rug cleaning services, it’s best to ask family and friends for references and any advice they may have to help you choose the right area rug cleaner.

Know what services are include

The advertised price for the cleaning service is one thing, but it’s another if that’s just the base price. For this reason, always ask what services are included in the cost and which ones will cost extra, including a breakdown of said costs. To avoid surprises, your best bet is to inquire about the services and price list and ask what is included in the one price. Be specific about the type of cleaning service you need, be it rugs in high traffic areas or rugs on the stairway.

Avoid selecting the cheapest service

While it’s always good to save a few dollars, sometimes choosing the low-cost option means sacrificing quality. For example, choosing the cheapest, inexperienced rug cleaning service could ruin your area rug or have you spending more money going to another company to correct the subpar results. On the other hand, choosing to go with the most expensive service is also not always the best option. Compare the prices and services of several companies before making a decision.

If you are in need of professional area rug cleaning in Newport, OR, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced cleaning team at Paradise Carpet Cleaners, Inc. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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