Why Businesses Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Have you ever walked into an office and noticed a funny smell or dingy, dirty floors? More than likely, it didn’t give you a very good impression of the business. A clean office space or storefront shows to potential partners or customers that you take your business seriously.

Carpets are often overlooked as part of a clean business. After all, carpet is underneath your feet, so you may expect it to be dirty. However, investing in commercial carpet cleaning in Newport, OR can help improve the impression you make on potential clients. Read on for the top three reasons why businesses need carpet cleaning!

Improve the Overall Health of Your Business

A clean, dust-free office environment can help improve your employees’ health. In fact, a healthy and clean workspace may not only improve their physical health by helping them avoid respiratory issues from dust—it’s believed that a clean office environment also helps workers feel less stressed.

In addition to employee health, clean carpets can improve the health of your business. While potential customers may not notice if your carpet is sparkling clean, they will certainly notice if it isn’t. Dirty carpets make your company seem unreliable and careless. A commercial carpet cleaning service helps your business look professional and trustworthy.

Clean Carpets Last Longer

Carpet tends to wear out over time. Especially in areas of high traffic, such as in front of the main door or by the reception desk, your carpet is likely to take a beating from shuffling feet and high heels. Luckily, commercial carpet cleaning in Newport, OR can help mask worn carpet. A freshly cleaned carpet looks bright, which can help blend wear spots into the surrounding carpet.

Additionally, you can actually help prevent wear on your carpets with commercial cleaning services. Clean carpets are free from dust, dirt and other debris. Dirty carpets are subjected to this debris being ground into the carpet fibers. This breaks down the fibers and causes holes or rips in the carpet. Using a regular commercial carpet cleaning service can help slow the wear and tear of your carpet and make it last longer.

Remove Unpleasant Odors and Stains from Carpet

Coffee spills, mud from employees’ shoes and other substances are being left on your office carpets every day. These various spills can lead to unpleasant odors coming from the carpet. While most people aren’t smelling the floors, if left long enough the odors will become strong enough to smell while sitting at a desk or in a waiting room.

Stains are even easier to notice when someone visits your office. If the middle of the reception area has a large coffee stain, it will be difficult not to pay attention to it. Commercial carpet cleaning in Newport, OR allows you to remove the distracting smells and stains from the carpet in your office building.

Schedule Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Newport, OR

To make your business look more professional and give your employees a healthy working environment, schedule your commercial carpet cleaning service from Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. today!

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