Don’t Forget About Carpet Cleaning Vacation Homes in Newport, OR

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There is no single season for going on vacation. On the one hand, wintertime has people booking stays in places where skiing is big, while the summer months call vacationers to the lake, beach or woods. If you’re looking into vacation house rental options, not only do you want a rental in the area where you want to be, but it also has to look presentable and be clean. Short-term vacation rentals are often selected from online profiles with photos and descriptions. So, how will a potential renter know what they are getting into? They read reviews from past visitors.

As the owner of a vacation home, it’s your responsibility to clean and maintain every aspect of it, both inside and outside—including the carpets and area rugs. Here are five reasons why you need to stay up on carpet cleaning in Newport, OR for your vacation rental:

  • Makes the space presentable: It’s obvious when a carpet just had a thorough deep cleaning. The fibers will be fluffy and soft and you wouldn’t think twice about laying down on it. Cleaning carpets right after guests check out can prevent any stains from setting in, and you want to leave enough time in between guests for it to dry completely. Never rush a cleaning job, because your visitors will notice.
  • Removes allergens: There’s bound to be allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander, perfumes and food particles left behind. These allergens and others are easily brought in on clothing, shoes and bags, or may blow in through open windows and doors. Animal fur, dander and saliva are common allergens that not everyone knows they might be allergic to. As such, you must be especially considerate of all your guests if you allow pets in your vacation home.
  • Wipes out signs of previous guests: No one wants to sleep in a house for a week that smells of the previous visitor. Smells like cigarette smoke, hot foods and body odor can be offensive, not to mention lingering odors from dogs and stains left behind by kids. These can settle in carpet fibers, so be sure to schedule carpet cleaning before the next round of guests shows up.
  • Receive good reviews and ratings: Chances are, people looking for vacation rentals will read online reviews and ratings of several house options. The reality is that customer comments can make or break your vacation home’s image. A clean place has a much better chance at receiving five stars than one that’s dirty and smells bad.
  • Avoid rushing during the busy seasons: The more popular the season for vacations, the more guests you’ll be hosting in your rental. (We’re looking at you, winter and summer!) You can stay stress-free when you keep up with carpet cleaning and other regular maintenance needs.

You can vacuum your carpets yourself, but consider leaving carpet cleaning in Newport, OR to the professionals. Hiring a company like Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. ensures your carpets smell fresh, look inviting and are free of dirt, dust and other types of nasty debris. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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