How to Handle Coffee Stains in Your Carpet

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coffee stain carpetNo matter how careful you are with food and beverages around your carpet, it only takes one spill to cause permanent damage. When your carpet is stained, you might try several different DIY remedies and commercial cleaning products, only to still be left with some residual staining of your carpet fibers.

One of the most difficult stains to remove is coffee. To keep your carpet in the best condition possible and minimize lasting effects from a coffee stain, there are several tips and tricks that you should put into practice to remove coffee stains from various surfaces.

Coffee stain removal

There are several different cleaning methods that you can try if you are dealing with coffee stains. Before you use any cleaning products for coffee stains, make sure to do a spot test to ensure that the cleaning product you are using is safe and won’t damage your carpet or upholstery:

  • Upholstery: If you spill coffee on a piece of furniture, you should clean it up as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of staining. Get a clean rag and dip it in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Use the rag to blot the stain, starting from the outside edge so that you can minimize the risk of the stain spreading. After wetting the stain thoroughly, blot up as much of the coffee as possible.
  • Clothing: Getting stains out of clothing can be a little easier than removing stains from flooring and upholstery because you can rinse and treat stains more thoroughly. Start by running the stain under warm water in the sink. If the stain is still there after a thorough rinse, try diluting some white vinegar in water and applying it to the stain. After allowing this solution to sit for a few minutes, use a brush and laundry soap to buff out the stain. Run the item of clothing through the washer to get rid of any residual vinegar and laundry soap.
  • Carpet: Using a paper towel, blot up coffee from carpet fibers and remove as much of the moisture as possible. If there is still a residual stain in your carpet after doing this, try using a carpet cleaning product to spot treat the stain. Let the cleaner set for a few minutes or overnight, and use a wet rag to blot it up. In some cases, you might notice that spot treating leaves a conspicuous clean patch on your carpet. This would be a good time to hire a professional cleaning service to get your entire carpet clean and restore the uniform look of the fibers.

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