Tips for Commercial Floor Maintenance in Newport, OR

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Running a business is about more than just ensuring the quality of your products and services. It’s also about keeping your facilities in the best condition possible for the benefit of your employees and your customers. Keeping your workplace clean and well-maintained offers a number of important benefits, including improved employee morale, healthier working conditions and a better reputation among your customers. To keep your floors looking their best, read on for some tips for effective commercial floor maintenance in Newport, OR:

  • Protect your floors: The more diligent you are with preventative floor care and protection, the easier it will be to keep your floors cleaned and well-maintained in the long run. Use protective mats near doors to trap dirt and debris before tracking it across your floors. You should also use protective pads underneath furniture to protect floors from scratching.
  • Keep the right products and equipment on hand: To keep your floors looking great, you should stock up on the essentials for effective floor cleaning. Pick out some floor cleaning products that are designed for your specific type of flooring, and purchase mops, brooms, a vacuum and a steam cleaner.
  • Avoid excessive cleaning products: Commercial cleaning products can help you effectively clean and sanitize your floors, but you shouldn’t overuse these products. Applying too much floor cleaner can leave a sticky residue behind. Make sure to follow the use recommendations for all of the cleaners you use, and thoroughly rinse cleaning products away when you use them to prevent any residue from forming.
  • Keep up on regular maintenance: Instead of waiting several weeks or months for a single, in-depth floor cleaning project, keep up on more regular floor cleaning. Sweep or vacuum your floor a few times a week, and make sure to clean up stains or spills right away. The more diligent you are with regular floor maintenance, the cleaner your floors will be and the easier it will be to do more in-depth cleaning.
  • Consider professional cleaning service: In addition to all of the preventative cleaning and maintenance you do for your floors, you should consider hiring a professional to come in for more in-depth cleaning on a regular basis. They will be able to provide you with more thorough cleaning using heavy-duty products and equipment that you likely don’t have access to. This regular cleaning will keep your floors looking great and save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise spend on more frequent floor cleaning on your own.

Commercial floor maintenance in Newport, OR

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