Why You Should Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Depoe Bay, OR Before the Holidays

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Halloween is over, so cue up the Christmas music and start putting up your twinkling string lights and festive decorations! There’s so much to do before the main holidays of the year come around and guests begin flooding your house for parties and meals. If cleaning is on your mind, read on—here are some of the benefits of pre-holiday carpet cleaning in Depoe Bay, OR:

  • Protect your carpet early: Keep in mind that the cleaner your carpet, the longer it will last. In other words, dirty carpet fibers are more likely to wear down and deteriorate at a faster rate than a clean carpet. The best course of action for any homeowner is to vacuum regularly throughout the holiday season, protect high traffic areas and consider scheduling professional carpet cleaning before the holidays arrive.
  • Improve indoor air quality: Going into the holidays with clean indoor air ensures better health and happiness for everyone. So, in preparation for increased foot traffic through your home this holiday, you might want to have your carpets professionally cleaned. This removes built-up pollutants from the carpet—like dust, dirt, pet dander and common allergens—that would otherwise get kicked up and added to the indoor air. It goes without saying that you, your family, your guests and your pets all deserve the gift of clean air this holiday season.
  • Avoid the rush: Once the holidays arrive, the days tend to run together, and they can fly by in a flash if you’re not careful. Between traveling to visit family, hosting overnight guests, shopping for presents and attending holiday parties, any number of activities can get in the way of effective carpet cleaning. Hire a professional before the holiday season starts so you can focus on the more important things.
  • Spruce up your home: It’s too easy to become used to unpleasant odors in your home, but your guests will notice them. It should come as no surprise that one of the main reasons to schedule professional carpet cleaning is to ensure your home looks and smells its best for the holidays. A thorough cleaning is your best chance at removing odors that have settled deep down into carpet fibers, some having lingered for months or even years.
  • Maintain the look of your carpet: Many holiday celebrations involve sitting on the floor, whether to open presents, play with kids or pets or gather around the fireplace. The closer your guests are to the carpet, the more aware they will be of surface stains, odors and stickiness. Avoiding embarrassment is as easy as cleaning your carpets ahead of the holidays.
  • Get ready for gift opening: There are many ways to stir up dust and debris inside your house. During the holidays, this is mostly due to extra feet shuffling around and little hands ripping open presents. Have your carpets deep cleaned within the weeks leading up to holiday hosting, and maybe again after the celebrations have ended.

If you would like to schedule a time for carpet cleaning in Depoe Bay, OR, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Paradise Carpet Cleaners, Inc.

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  • Jonathan says:

    Holidays come with celebration and enjoyment. Thus we should ensure that our house is clean and ready to welcome guests. So Carpet cleaners are the best solutions for this situation

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