Five Winter Carpet Care Tips from an Expert

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The wet and mud of a Newport, OR winter is often rough on your carpet. It can be difficult to enforce no-shoes rules and manage foot traffic when people just want to get inside and get warm. However, it is not impossible to maintain the appearance of a carpet deep cleaning all winter long. Here are five tips on keeping carpet looking its best this time of year:

  • Start with a clean slate: The grunginess you currently notice on your carpet is likely not just from this year. Dirt can build up over time and become visible only as it is brought to the surface. That is why some homes require multiple cleaning appointments to remove stains and pet urine. But you can prevent repetitive visits by starting with a deep cleaning. This will remove all the years of dirt and encourage you to practice good clean carpet tips. Plus, if you maintain it, you will likely not have to order another cleaning for a few years.
  • Use entry mats: Rather than allow direct contact with carpet as people enter your home, place entry mats at all access points. The usual welcome mat is normally too small to prevent dirt from entering your home, but a mat that is at least six feet by six feet will act as a good entry spot for people and their dirty shoes. This will keep family members and visitors from tracking in mud and allergens.
  • Have a no-shoes rule: Encourage your family members and guests to remove shoes when they enter your home. This will keep dirty soles from staining carpets and tracking in mud and moisture. Entry rugs also help with this, as people can stand on the rug while they remove their shoes, which further keeps dirt in one spot rather than all over your home.
  • Vacuum: Make an effort to vacuum every two weeks or even once a week if you have pets. This will groom your carpet and control dust buildup that often leads to respiratory discomfort. Carpet absorbs everything that enters your home, including dirt, allergens, dust and pet hair. The best way to control those elements is through vacuuming. Your carpets will keep their fresh, clean look, and you will enjoy the improved air quality.
  • Do not forget your pets: Animals are often in a hurry to get inside, too. Make sure they only use doors where there are entry rugs and watch for muddy paws. Wipe their feet before allowing them on carpets. Brush pets regularly so they are not constantly filling your carpet with hair. Unless you have a high-performance vacuum, it is unlikely you will remove all pet hair from carpet, so you might as well reduce shedding and the amount of hair you need to vacuum.

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