Four Reasons to Clean Your Upholstery Every Year

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Those who invest in regular carpet cleaning often forget that couches and chairs also need some attention. If your carpet gets dirty, it is only logical that your furniture would attract the same elements. Upholstery cleaning also offers similar benefits to keeping your carpet clean. Here are four reasons to arrange for an upholstery cleaning in Newport, OR today:

  • Better appearance: Choosing a couch for its bright colors becomes pointless if grime builds up. Also, if your furniture is noticeably in need of cleaning, your guests will likely not want to sit on it and may question the overall hygiene of your home. There is also the matter of expense. It is much less expensive to clean your furniture every year because wear, tear and dirt makes replacement a requirement. Clean your upholstery and keep furniture looking new and welcoming.
  • Air quality: Just like your carpet, upholstery holds in dust, dirt and pet dander. This can eventually compromise your indoor air quality and lead to a household of sneezing and coughing. A good upholstery cleaning removes dirt, but also allergens, mold, mildew and pet dander. Once you have a good scrubbing, you will likely notice the fresher indoor air immediately. Also, if pets, spills or the passage of time have left your furniture a bit stinky, shampooing it will remove those odors.
  • Health benefits: Households with allergy and allergen sufferers are often attentive to carpet cleaning, but forget that furniture can also be a problem. Besides common dirt and allergens, furniture also holds in bacteria that can prove uncomfortable for those with respiratory issues. You may also have people visiting who have allergies and could develop symptoms when they sit on your chairs and couch. If you invest in annual upholstery cleaning, your furniture will no longer be a haven for bacteria.
  • Non-toxic methods: There are some customers who hold off on upholstery cleaning because they do not want their family members to come in contact with toxic cleaning chemicals. However, everything we use on furniture is safe and non-toxic. No one will become ill coming into contact with our cleansers, and just like with carpet, we will rinse thoroughly. In fact, that is one good reason to hire a professional carpet cleaner—we have the equipment to clean and rinse your upholstery thoroughly.

Once we clean your upholstery, remember to turn over cushions and vacuum furniture regularly to maintain the fresh appearance and reduce odors. Remove stains as they occur, and do not let that spilled beer or soda merely linger. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to reduce fading, and check air ventilation to make sure you are not continuing to recirculate allergens brought into your home.

Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. offers upholstery cleaning in Newport, OR. You can schedule this service with a regular carpet cleaning if you wish to keep them on the same schedule. Right now, we are running a winter special for 10 percent off all our services. Call today to book an appointment and enjoy the benefits of freshly cleaned furniture!

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