How to Know It’s Time to Clean Your Rug

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Keeping our homes and businesses clean is a top priority for all of us, and with good reason. Cleanliness can keep you healthy, boost morale, look better and just give a better energy to any space in question. One part of any room that’s always going to (rightfully) draw attention is your rug. It can be one of the things that really ties a room together and is always going to draw eyes when people enter a room. You want to make sure it’s in top condition at all times, and this requires regular vacuuming.

However, vacuuming alone might not always be enough to keep it nice and tidy. At Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc., rug cleaning in Newport, OR is a serious business for our professional team of technicians, and we do everything we can to keep our customers happy. It’s our pleasure to present some tips for knowing when it’s time to give that rug a scrub.

Fading can be a killer

Rugs and carpets can get dirty for any number of reasons. Maybe you have some toddlers or pets running around, or you just had a big holiday party that got a bit out of control. The reasons for carpets getting dirty are often tied to joy, so it should be considered a badge of honor to some extent! However, one culprit you might not always think about is that big star in the sky. Yes, the sun can do a number on carpets, but there are other factors that can require rug cleaning in Newport, OR. Allergens like dust mites and old insect skins can cause your carpet to fade, too, and if you think this might be the case, then it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning before you go ahead and rip it out at considerable cost.

Listen to your vacuum

You should look to the front lines of carpet and rug cleaning: your trusty vacuum cleaner. If it seems like the bag is getting full more quickly than usual, there might be a good reason for that. Your carpet can hide any number of things, especially if it’s a plush one with high pile. The reason for this is that fibers that are longer do a much better job of hiding more impurities and dirty things like soil and hair.

Your vacuum works hard and is doing the best it can, so it’s working harder than ever and filling quickly if there is a lot of dirty stuff in your rug. Eventually, it might be time to reconsider rug cleaning in Newport, OR and call in the pros for a professional cleaning to get it back to prime condition.

Rug and carpet cleaning can sound like an expensive proposition, but it’s nothing compared to letting the problem get worse and necessitating the purchase of a new carpet or rug. Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. is your partner in this department, and we have a number of different packages and service levels that can get your floor coverings back to where they need to be. Reach out to us today to learn more or schedule service.

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