The Best Ways to Clean Tile Floors

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Floor coverings in your home are not just limited to carpets and rugs. While those are important to keep clean, don’t forget about the tiles that make up your kitchen, bathrooms, mud rooms and other spaces. They can attract dirt and strains as easily as any other surface in your home, so keeping them clean is something that our experienced team of technicians at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. takes very seriously.

Cleaning tile floors can be an easy process if you stay on top of things, and we’ve picked up a few tips over the years that it’s our pleasure to share with our readers. Tile floor cleaning in Newport, OR does not have to be a hard process, and can be an enjoyable way to keep your home sparkling and tidy.

Get in the routine

As with anything else related to maintenance or cleaning, staying on top of things is of paramount importance. It can be easy to let things slide, and it happens to all of us. However, staying on top of tile floor cleaning in Newport, OR is a great way to make sure you don’t have a big problem eventually. Technology has made it even easier—you can probably just set a reminder in your phone or computer to make sure you’re doing some light cleaning that can prevent heavy cleaning.

You can use a soft dust mop a few times a week, for example, to make sure you’re picking up some of the crumbs and other debris. Some straw brooms can scratch softer tiles, so tread carefully with those. You can also use warm water to mop the floor every week or so—it will especially help with lighter stains.

Make big cleanings regular

Deep cleans are a fact of life when it comes to tile floor cleaning in Newport, OR—even if you stay on top of the regular light cleanings that we recommended above. If you have stubborn stains, you can start with some dish detergent to get them out. Mix it with water and attack it with a mop, and chances are it will get it up.

If you want to try something lighter at first, then that old standby vinegar is something you can try as well. Just mix ½ cup of regular white vinegar with warm water and go over your tiles with a mop. The naturally acidic nature of vinegar makes it a great choice for cleaning, as it can lift up grease and other stains with relative ease.

Spot cleaning saves hours

Every time you use a room with tiles for something, scan the floor when you’re done. You can attack any stray stains that just appeared and prevent them from setting. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to making sure your tile floors stay clean and sparkling throughout your home.

If you’ve followed these tips and your tile floors just don’t seem to have the same shine as when they were put in, it might be time to call in the pros. The team at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. is your best partner in this department and can help you get the job done. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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