Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

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Fido and Fluffy are adorable, but let’s face it: when you have pets in your home, things can quickly veer into stinky territory. New pets are especially difficult to manage when it comes to pet odors—house training always comes with a few odiferous accidents. Can professional carpet cleaning remove pet odor from your carpets in Newport, OR? The answer is yes—and they’ll do it much more thoroughly than commercial carpet cleaners for homeowners.

Can I clean my own carpet?

You can try to remove pet odors from your carpet, but commercial carpet cleaners only tackle the surface of the flooring. To truly get rid of urine and other pet smells, you need to hire a professional cleaner to get to the carpet padding.

If you do find a pet stain, however, you should treat it as soon as possible. Baking soda and vinegar are good ways to treat your carpet on the surface until a professional can come to help. Although it will only tackle the surface stains, it will make your home smell a little cleaner, and usually gets rid of the worst of the pet odor. However, you should expect to smell it again as the odors from deep within the fibers are released over time. Try to schedule a cleaning appointment as soon as possible.

How professional carpet cleaning will get rid of your pet odors

When a professional comes to clean your carpet in Newport, OR, they’ll not only look at the stains on the surface, but evaluate the carpeting as well as the subfloor. Your carpet cleaner will ask you how long the stain has been there, and whether your pet still lives in the home. This enables them to properly evaluate the situation and determine how to clean your carpets.

Why is professional carpet cleaning better? Your cleaners will first treat the stain with a neutralizer that gets rid of the odors on the surface. Then they’ll do a deep cleaning, which extracts contaminants and gets rid of the odor at its source.

If your carpet is particularly urine-stained, your cleaners may recommend that the padding underneath the carpet is completely removed and replaced. That’s because urea crystals, the source of most odors, can penetrate deep into the pad and subflooring, which makes it impossible to completely remove the smell. Usually, this is reserved for the most severe cases.

Your pet odor removal specialists in Newport, OR don’t want you to have to replace your carpet, so they’ll work with you to create the best plan possible for your individual space and situation. While dire cases may require you to replace the carpet completely, most professional cleaners can remove deep stains.

Keeping your home odor free, clean and healthy means keeping up with your carpet cleaning. Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. is happy to work with you to establish a carpet cleaning schedule—and we’ll stay on call for pet stain emergencies, too. Reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment.

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