Do You Have Smoke Damage Due to the Wildfires?

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Wildfires can cause intense damage. Not only can the flames leave a wake of destruction in their path, but the smoke can cause severe damage in an even larger area, where the flames never reach. Often, in the aftermath of wildfires, commercial cleaning services in Newport, OR are essential for recovery. Business cleaning is crucial to restore operations and create a healthy environment.

If you’ve suffered smoke damage due to the wildfires, use the following tips for business sanitation in Newport, OR. For additional support, contact your local commercial cleaning service provider.

Look for common damage

You might be surprised at the damage smoke can cause to various structures of your business. If your operations are located anywhere near a wildfire, check the following areas for effects from the smoke:

  • Fabrics: Smoke can cause discoloration of anything from carpets to clothing to upholstery.
  • Furniture: In addition to discoloration, furniture can suffer other damages, based on the types of materials from which it is constructed.
  • Walls: The extreme heat that typically accompanies smoke can cause damage to walls.
  • Windows: Smoke can discolor windows. They may also suffer from warping.
  • Plants: Check your landscaping for smoke contamination that can affect growth. The soil may also be contaminated.
  • Concrete: Prolonged exposure to heat can cause concrete to crack.
  • Roof: The roof may need to be cleaned after smoke and soot exposure. It may also suffer damage from drifting embers.

Make appropriate repairs

Once you’ve made note of the damage to your commercial space, here are the steps you’ll need to take to clean things up:

  • Partner with professionals: To properly clean certain items and remove the smoke smell from your surroundings, you will probably need commercial cleaning services. Specialized machines can be used to complete this process. For example, an ozonator is an effective solution that many companies who specialize in business cleaning in Newport, OR use for removing smoke smell.
  • Stay safe: As you clean items that have been affected by the smoke, remember to take proper safety precautions. Always follow public health guidelines. These include wearing a mask, gloves, heavy-soled shoes and protective clothing. You may also need to moisten debris to reduce the risk of inhaling particles. Your local experts in business sanitation in Newport, OR can inform you of any other precautions you should take.
  • Clean and recover: As you work to restore your business to normal, start by ventilating the space. Open windows and place fans strategically to draw smoky air out of the building. Run the ventilation system, and replace filters frequently. Clean the exterior of the building with a water and detergent mix. Clean the interior using vacuums and detergent solutions.

Call for backup

If you have smoke damage due to the recent wildfires near Newport, OR, contact Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. Family owned and operated, we’ve been serving homes and businesses in Lincoln County and the surrounding areas since 1997. We’re confident that you’ll be so happy that you’ll recommend our services to your friends and family. We specialize in carpet, tile and grout, furniture and area rug cleaning. No job is too big or too small. Reach our experienced team today at 541-764-2330.

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