Three Tips for Managing Common Areas During the Pandemic

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With current health concerns, business owners must be diligent in their efforts to maintain safe environments for employees and customers. If your operations include common areas, it is crucial to follow proper protocols to keep these areas clean and healthy. Use the following tips from your local commercial cleaning service in Newport, OR to properly maintain your facilities.

Track your traffic

Consider how the foot traffic in your location flows. Every building or business is different, and will require different approaches to business sanitation in Newport, OR. Due to social distancing guidelines, it is particularly important to note when areas might become overly busy or crowded.

Note whether foot traffic in common areas is consistent throughout the day, or if it’s heavier at certain times or on specific days. Also consider whether employees are the only ones accessing common areas, or if you have customers, vendors and contractors entering and leaving the premises. As you note who is using your space, also keep in mind whether any of these individuals fall into an at-risk category if they were to contract COVID-19.

Disinfect high-touch surfaces

Once you determine how people are accessing your building and what areas are commonly used, take steps to properly disinfect these spaces. Be sure to clean all surfaces that are high-touch points for your building. This might include door handles, badge swiping stations, chairs, handrails and counters. Use the following list of common high-touch surfaces to ensure you cover all the bases:

  • Door handles
  • Drawers
  • Chair handles
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Light switches
  • Refrigerator doors
  • Microwave doors
  • Elevator buttons
  • Conference room surfaces
  • Bathroom surfaces

Partner with professionals

As you complete the cleaning of your common areas, it’s crucial to follow CDC protocols. Cleaning with improper methods can prove ineffective and fail to keep your environment safe and healthy. Consider partnering with commercial cleaning services in Newport, OR.

Keeping up with appropriate cleaning and disinfecting can be a challenge. These tasks can easily require more labor hours than you can spare as you try to continue other business operations. When you allow experts to handle your business sanitation in Newport, OR, you can take these concerns off your plate and focus on other areas of your company that need attention.

To choose an appropriate commercial cleaning service in Newport, OR, look for a company that has experience in the industry. You want someone with a solid reputation in the field. Ask for references and read reviews from others to discover what kind of experience you can expect with the company.

We’re here to help

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