Five Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Just like any part of your home, your carpet requires proper care to keep it in the best condition and prevent premature wear. However, mistakes happen, and they’re unfortunately quite common when it comes to carpet cleaning. Here are a few tips for DIY carpet cleaning in Newport, OR to ensure you’re doing the job effectively.

Rubbing a stain

If there’s one thing you should always remember about carpet care, it’s that you should never ever rub a stain. When you do so, all you’re accomplishing is pushing staining particles further into the carpet fibers and possibly into the carpet base as well. Vigorously rubbing a stain can also cause damage to the carpet fibers themselves.

You should always blot, not rub, in order to clean a carpet stain. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stain. Make sure you have extra cleaning cloths on hand, so you’re only blotting with dry, clean cloths.

Not using area rugs or runners

Not only can area rugs and runners elevate the aesthetics of your home, but they can actually protect heavy traffic areas of your carpet from uneven wear and tear. Think of it this way: it’s much easier and more financially feasible to replace an area rug or a runner rather than an entire room’s carpeting. Plus, they’ll instantly refresh the look of your space.

Choosing the wrong stain remover

All carpet fibers are not made equal, so it makes sense that a specific stain remover isn’t going to work for all carpets. Your carpet manufacturer is going to be the most knowledgeable resource when it comes to their product, so they’ll know which stain removal products can be safely used on your carpet. Consult their website or consumer hotline for more information.

Vacuuming infrequently

Dirt and dust are constantly accumulating in our homes, even when there isn’t a noticeable layer. In fact, if you’re waiting until you can see it, you’re definitely not vacuuming enough. You should be vacuuming at least once per week, or even every other day if you have pets.

These dirt and dust particles wear down carpet fibers, and the buildup causes the matted-down appearance of carpet. Not only does vacuuming clean the carpet, but it also lifts the carpet fibers to make the carpet soft and fluffy again.

Not bringing in professional help

Try as we might, DIY cleaning can’t match a deep cleaning by an expert. You might think you’ll be saving money by renting equipment and doing it yourself, but a professional carpet cleaning company will have access to more powerful equipment, and they’ll know how to properly use it. At minimum, consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least once every year.

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