Spring Is Almost Here! Don’t Skip Your Tile and Grout During Your Spring Cleaning

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If you’re looking around your home and making a spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget to add tile and grout cleaning in Newport, OR. Like carpeting, your tile and grout can accumulate a lot of dirt over time. You’ll probably be surprised at just how much dust, grime and debris is lurking around your floors.

If you don’t want to do your own tile and grout cleaning, there’s professional help available. Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. also offers tile and grout cleaning services, so your home will be sparkling clean from the ceilings to the floors.

Here are our best tips for keeping your tile and grout clean:

  • Get a great dust mop: A dust mop probably isn’t on your list of must-have spring purchases, but it can make floor cleaning a lot easier. They’re great for picking up dust, dirt, hair and pet fur, especially if you choose a microfiber model. There’s no need for cleaning products—all you do is run the mop over your floors and shake it out in the garbage can when you’re done.
  • Sweep your floors daily: Even if you’re busy, a quick sweep of your floors is a smart idea. Even if you can’t see it, accumulating dust will build up on your floors. Eventually, this will be ground into the tile and grout, which causes scratches.
  • Use doormats: Doormats are an excellent way to catch extra dirt and debris that you can track in from outdoors. Place them all around your home’s entrances to cut down on your sweeping and cleaning chores.
  • Take your shoes off: Like using doormats, taking your shoes off when you enter the home is a good way to avoid tracking in dirt, dust and debris. Put a shoe rack near the door to encourage your family to remove theirs.
  • Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation: Bathrooms require plenty of ventilation. The steamy air your showers and baths create encourages mold and mildew growth. If you let it go for too long, the grout (and sometimes the tile) will be permanently stained, which is expensive to fix.
  • Mop your floors once per week: Once each week, fill up a bucket with a gallon of hot water and a cup of dish soap. Using a regular mop, mop your tile floors and wipe up any excess water. You might want to use a towel to help dry the floors faster—just make sure everyone refrains from walking on them until they’re completely dry.
  • Read the labels before using a cleaning product: Finally, if you use cleaning products, make sure they’re suitable for your tile. Delicate tile can be damaged by acidic cleaners, so read the label for any warnings.

If you don’t feel like doing your own spring tile cleaning in Newport, OR, Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. is happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services, and schedule your appointment with us to get ready for the new season.

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