Carpet Cleaning Precautions for Pet Owners

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We love the constant companionship our dogs, cats and other indoor pets provide. The one thing we don’t love, though, is the messes they can make on our carpeting. In addition to the occasional accident, pet hair and dander wreaks havoc on allergies, and their paws can track dirt in from outside.

The best way to keep your carpeting in good condition if you have pets is to schedule regular carpet cleanings. But you’ve got to be careful—some carpet cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your furry friends. Keep reading to learn a few of the carpet cleaning precautions for your pets and how to keep your carpets in pristine condition:

  • Airborne chemicals: Chemicals in some types of carpet cleaner will evaporate as they dry and linger in the air. Reputable carpet cleaning companies won’t use chemicals that put off harmful vapors. However, you can never be too sure—as a precaution, open windows and turn on ceiling fans to ventilate the area, and keep your pets out of the room as the carpet dries.
  • Carpet cleaning residue: Some lower-quality carpet cleaning solutions may leave behind a residue after they dry. In some cases, you may even be able to see or even smell the leftover solution. This leftover shampoo can cause skin infections, respiratory problems and eye irritation in your pets and young children. To ensure healthy carpet cleaning processes for your pets, always hire professionals who use high-quality products.

Caring for carpets when you have pets

Some pet owners may think they’re doomed to live in a smelly home if they have carpeting. Luckily, that’s not the case. Follow these tips to keep your carpeting looking and smelling its best:

  • Schedule professional cleanings: Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best way to keep your carpets in like-new condition. We recommend hiring a cleaning crew two to three times a year for best results, but the frequency will vary depending on how many pets you own and what kind they are. Just be sure to hire a pro who takes carpet cleaning precautions for your pets seriously.
  • Vacuum often: You’ll need to do some work on your own in between those professional cleaning sessions. Make a habit of running the vacuum one or two times a week to pick up dropped hair and pet dander. Although it can be a hassle, routine vacuuming eliminates allergens while keeping your home looking nice and neat.
  • Clean messes right away: Never turn a blind eye to pet accidents, mud prints from paws or any other pet-related carpet stains. The longer you wait to clean a mess, the greater the chance that it sets in permanently. Invest in a pet-friendly carpet cleaning solution to address these stains in between professional cleanings.

Hire the pros to clean your carpets

Whether you’re due for a carpet cleaning or you’re just curious about healthy carpet cleaning for your pets, be sure to call the team at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. Our certified professionals use products designed to eliminate stains and odors without harming your furry friends.

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