How to Deep Clean Your Mattress: Tips from the Professionals

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While your sheets and mattress pads do a pretty good job of protecting your mattress from sweat, dust and spills, they’re not perfect. This makes it important for you to engage in periodic deep cleaning of your mattress, so you can remove any debris that gets through the sheets and mattress protector.

There are many studies that indicate dirty mattresses can cause or worsen allergy conditions, colds and other illnesses. Cleaning your mattress will help it last longer while also protecting your health.

Of course, it’s important to understand how to deep clean your mattress before you dive into it. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect a professional mattress cleaner to do when called in for the job:

  1. Completely strip the bed, removing all bedding, mattress pads and protectors. This is a task you can take on yourself to save some time for the mattress cleaner when they arrive.
  2. Vacuum the sides and top of the mattress using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment that has been freshly sanitized. Maneuver the vacuum attachment around the mattress in slow circles, taking sufficient time to allow the vacuum to suck up as much of the debris as possible.
  3. Create a small layer of baking soda on top of the mattress and allow it to sit for several hours, keeping it lying in the sunlight if possible. Baking soda has deodorizing properties that make it an effective tool in a cleaning arsenal. It also helps to break up dirt and grime and remove moisture from substances on which it sits. Depending on the size of your mattress and the degree of cleaning you need to do, you may use an entire 1-pound box of baking soda for the job.
  4. Vacuum again, sucking up all the baking soda with the hose attachment and using the same technique as before.
  5. Ventilate the area. Open up the windows to the bedroom, and/or run a ceiling fan if one is present. You could also bring in a portable fan to help air get moving.
  6. Clean the box spring and bed frame, and wipe down all hard surfaces. Fabric headboards should also be vacuumed using the same upholstery attachment as before.
  7. Put the bedding back on the bed after you’ve washed it in hot water and dried it on high heat.

This is a process you can perform yourself if you wish, but a professional mattress cleaner can handle some of the toughest cleaning jobs and ensure you get outstanding results. It’s advisable to perform mattress deep cleaning every six months or so to keep your mattress in good shape and to remove debris and allergens to protect your health.

Want to get more tips about how to deep clean your mattress? We encourage you to contact us at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. for more cleaning tips. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about how to keep your mattresses in great condition for as long as possible.

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