How Do Professionals Clean Tiles and Grout?

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If you’ve ever spent time on your hands and knees cleaning your tile and grout, you already know that no matter how much effort you put into the job, the results can be a bit less than impressive. Many homeowners simply don’t waste time with a DIY cleaning, instead relying on the professionals to get the job done right. Here’s a brief guide detailing a professional approach to tile and grout cleaning.


To start the process of tile and grout cleaning, your technician uses a vacuum to loosen up any dirt or debris on your floor, counter or other tile surfaces. While a vacuum picks up loose dirt, it can’t get to any stuck-on soiling on the tiles. The technician may mop after vacuuming, but it’s often more effective to spot clean stubborn spots of grime with a baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap solution.

Steam cleaning

This part of the tile and grout cleaning process is where help from the professionals is especially effective, since they have access to the specialized equipment required for a thorough steam cleaning. They’ll use a steam cleaning tool, complete with crevice attachment, to cut through the stubborn dirt and grime on the tile surfaces and in the grout. Typically, technicians will start in a small area and work around all the creases in the tiles to remove every last trace of dirt.

Detail cleaning

In some instances, your cleaning professional will perform spot cleaning with a power washer or rotary brush. The extra power and scrubbing action can cut through mold and mildew buildup stuck deep within the porous surface of the grout.


After ensuring all dirt, grime and debris have been removed from the surface of the tiles and grout, the technician will dry the surface. At this point in the process, all surface contaminants should be completely removed. Your technician may use fans or towels to facilitate quick drying before applying sealant.


Once your grout cleaning technician determines that the tiles and grout are sufficiently clean and dry, the next step of the process typically involves sealing the surface. The technician will apply an appropriate sealant to keep tiles looking shiny and new and to prevent grime from building up in the grout. A sealant also keeps excess moisture and mold from growing in the grout, making your home an overall healthier place to live.

Keeping up with care and maintenance

While a professional tile and grout cleaner can restore the appearance of your tile floors, countertops or bath surrounds, you need to do a little work to keep them looking their best in between professional visits. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and some spot cleaning with the right cleaners ensures your tiled surfaces retain their perfect appearance for years to come.

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