How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in Winter

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When temperatures get colder and the weather gets worse, it can take a toll on everything. You might have trouble starting a car that’s usually reliable or find yourself dealing with a burst pipe in the garage. You’ll also deal with far more grime and dirt entering the house than usual, which can really take a toll on your hardwood flooring, rugs and carpets.

Adults and kids alike will track in dirty snow, sand and salt from the road and sidewalks—it can be enough to make you want to tear your hair out.

Carpet winter care is just a matter of commitment and repetition, so read on for some more tips about how to keep yours clean no matter the weather:

  • Get some heavy-duty mats: A lot of customers we work with use stylish soft mats or no mats at all at their front doors. This is probably fine for the warmer months, but it’s just asking for trouble when winter rolls around. One of the best ideas for carpet winter care is to invest in some hefty mats that can stand up to the strains of winter, e.g., people clomping off their boots so that they don’t spread chemicals and sand around your clean house.
  • Always remove shoes: It’s relatively unheard of in many cultures for people to wear their shoes indoors—America is something of an anomaly in this regard. In any case, this might not be a big deal in summer, but when everyone’s boots are caked in mud and snow, it becomes quite a bit more important. Make this your house’s policy: When you enter, the shoes come off.
  • Vacuum frequently: Vacuuming is one of those divisive chores: Some people see the Zen appeal of it, while others would be perfectly happy to never touch one again. Unfortunately for that latter group, frequent vacuuming is one of the best weapons you have against winter wear and tear. Getting the grit out of the carpet on a regular basis helps reduce the potential for further damage (and the need for professional carpet cleaning services).
  • Install runners: Winter is also an ideal time to lay down runners over your flooring. These long mats help bear the brunt of winter damage and will preserve the life of the carpets, rugs and hardwood underneath them. They might not allow the full design of your beautiful floors to show all year, but the money that they’ll save you in wear and tear makes that sacrifice well worth it.
  • Rely on the pros: One final tip is to invest in a professional carpet cleaning service every spring to start from scratch. A deep cleaning will help remove the winter’s worth of buildup and allergens and let you start fresh with rejuvenated flooring for the year to come.

If you’re worried about the damage that the winter weather (and winter boots) has caused to your flooring, don’t delay. Call the team at Paradise Carpet Cleaners Inc. today, and ask about how our professional carpet cleaning services can fit into your plan for carpet winter care.

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