How Much Does It Cost for Professional Tile Cleaning?

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Tile is durable and adds elegance and charm to any home. While it is easy to clean, it benefits from a professional cleaning at least once per year. The cost of tile and grout cleaning can vary, but it generally ranges from about $150 to $1,000 to do the job. Learn more about professional tile cleaning below. 

Cost Breakdown of Tile Cleaning 

Some different factors and methods affect the cost of cleaning tiles. Prices for the service depend on the company, square footage and labor involved in completing the project. 


To do the job right, you’ll need to include grout cleaning. Grout cleaning can average around $300 to $500 per room. Research different companies because some of them have the sealing in this cost. Make sure to ask about the fees, and what is included in the rate. It’s also good to look at company reviews for reputation and quality. 


Sealers are added quality to keep your tile looking fresh and new. It helps prevent grout breakdown or water damage. It typically runs about $.25 to $.50 per square foot. You should reseal your floors every two to three years. Sealers are very effective if you have kids that drop things on the floor. 

What Affects the Estimate of Tile and Grout Cleaning? 

Two main factors affect tile and grout cleaning estimates. They include:

  • Cleanliness of the tiles. If your floors have not been cleaned in a long time and have more stains, you’ll likely pay more.
  • Tile sizes. Smaller tiles have more grout, and there’s more labor involved in getting them clean. It will also take more time and require more products to get them clean.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

There’s not much difference in price between residential and commercial cleaning. Both sit at around $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot since most companies use larger tiles. The process and cleaners for commercial jobs are the same as residential. 

DIY Versus Professional Cleaning

Cleaning tiles and grout can be labor-intensive. However, some simple products such as sealers, brushes and cleaners can get the job done. Hiring a professional will ensure the job is done correctly and prevent the risk of grout breakdown, especially if you have never done it before. Some companies may even offer a warranty for their work. You’ll have to evaluate costs and time to complete the project.

Tile and grout can last a lifetime, as long as it’s cared for properly. Cleaning and sealing are preventative methods to keep your tiles looking brand new. Before hiring a professional or tackling the job yourself, research the cost and time to get the job done.

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