What To Expect When You Have a Mattress Cleaned

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A household chore that often gets overlooked is the chore of cleaning our mattresses. This is an important task because the mattress may seem and feel clean most of the time, but there is always the chance that dust mites and bacteria can thrive here. These are problems that are not visible to the naked eye. If you aren’t sure how to clean your mattress, a mattress cleaning service can help.

Not every mattress is made the same, and a mattress cleaning service helps in cleaning our mattresses the right way. Learn more about what to expect when you have a mattress cleaned.

Know When To Get Your Mattress Cleaned

If you have never had your mattress cleaned or tried to clean it yourself, it’s time to get your mattress cleaned. If this is a chore you want to add to your list of things to do, put the mattress cleaning job on your calendar twice a year. This is the recommendation, as during the year our skin will shed and will stay on the mattress, even when we have sheets on the bed.

Dust mites are harmful, and their excrement is as well, and all of these things thrive in unclean mattresses. As seasons change, we shed skin, and the mattress needs attention at least twice annually. Learn how to clean it yourself, or hire a mattress cleaning service.

Steps in Mattress Cleaning

When you are getting your mattress cleaned, a variety of things will happen. It will depend entirely on what kind of mattress you have. Water cleaning or cleaning with vinegar and other solutions isn’t always the best option. Steam cleaning is the best way to get your mattress cleaned.

However, you can vacuum your mattress to remove any dust mites and what they leave behind. This will also remove any of your own dead skin cells that may have shed onto the mattress. Vacuum twice for a thorough job. Flip the mattress and do it again. Vacuuming the mattress with baking soda on it will also help to remove odors and clean the mattress.

Still, heat and steam will disintegrate any dust mites and their excrement and is the safest and healthiest way to clean mattresses. At the same time, it will also destroy any fungi that are living or trying to grow on a mattress. Steaming is typically the first step in every mattress cleaning chore.

Hire a Mattress Cleaning Service When in Doubt

If you are unsure how to clean your mattresses, hire a professional service. A professional mattress cleaning service could cost you the same price as a vacuum cleaner and a steamer and will be a more thorough and professional job. Founded in 1997, Paradise Carpet Cleaners knows how to provide safe and effective mattress cleaning and odor removal in Lincoln City, Oregon and the surrounding area. Call us today for a quote to clean your mattresses.

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